5 Hardest-To-Grow CANNABIS Strains

5 Hardest-To-Grow CANNABIS Strains

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December 29, 2020
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The Five Hardest-to-grow Cannabis Strains

So, the burning question is, why would you want to grow a strain of cannabis that was notoriously difficult to cultivate?

Is it that you like a challenge?

Is your life that dull there are no other challenges at hand?

Maybe there is something special about the particular strain you want to grow?

After all, we seldom try to grow a cannabis plant before we have even tried the end result first.

That would be like buying a car without taking it for a test drive.

So, for the five hardest-to-grow strains, what is it about them that makes us want to persevere with them?

Whilst you have a think about that, here’s our list of the top 5 most difficult strains to grow and achieve the desired results.

In fifth place we have Jack Herer.

This is not actually that hard to grow, but it takes a lot of care and attention to get really good results.

Named in memory of one of the world’s greatest hemp proponents, it can be grown in an SOG or screen of green set-up, but outdoors is where it comes into its own, producing up to an amazing 600g per square metre.

At number four we have Headband. It makes the list because the small popcorn-like buds means that training the plant will be necessary to maximise yield, with the need for a screen of green essential.

SFV O.G comes in at number three. Also known as San Fernando Valley O.G, once again the plant is not necessarily difficult to grow, but it takes a lot to achieve its maximum yield of 350g per plant, which performs best when grown outdoors.

That then creates an additional problem as more than most cannabis plants, it requires an incredibly steady temperature, or growth will fail completely.

Dr Grinspoon just fails to make it to the top spot, but it was close. One of the biggest problems is that the yield is incredibly low – this is a plant for purists.

With such a low yield, it is possible to have little to show for all your hard work.
Needless to say this is not a commercial cropping plant!!

Columbian Gold takes the crown for the hardest cannabis strain to grow.

This is partly due to its moderate resistance to pests and mold, and the fact that the greater yield comes from growing it outdoors, at almost double that if indoor-grown plants.

Let us know if you have tried and failed with any particular strains in the comments below, you may know something we don’t!

By: The Cannabis Experts
Title: 5 Hardest-To-Grow CANNABIS Strains
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