Growing CANNABIS Indoors: Top Tips

Growing CANNABIS Indoors: Top Tips

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February 1, 2021
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Our Top Tips for Growing Cannabis Plants Indoors

There are two approaches you can take to growing cannabis from seed.

There’s the hit-and-hope method where you can arm yourself with the minimum amount of information and hope for the best.

Then there is what we call the Chelsea Flower Show approach, where you aim, from the very get go, to produce the very best plants possible, using every known trick in the book.

If we created a video for the latter approach, not only would you still be here watching it this time next year, but we’d also have gone bankrupt with the cost of producing it.

There’s so much to know about cannabis plants and how to grow them you could create a university degree course about it all.

So, what we decided to do was create a short video focusing on what we believe to be the most helpful tips on growing cannabis indoors, and these can act as a jumping off point for those of you who want to do more research but are not sure what you should be researching.

Lets begin with lighting:

While many amateur and experienced growers alike turn to LED lights to help their plants grow, know that not all LED lights are the same. Cannabis grows best under a specific light spectrum, so buy purpose-made LED lights from proven manufacturers for cannabis. LED lights are great for keeping heat and running costs to a minimum!

The next tip is to choose the right time to switch to a 12-hour light cycle to encourage flowering and budding – do this when the plant reaches half the height you want your final plant to reach.

Force extra bud sites instead of just growing one main bud. You can do this by either low-stress training, or topping. Check out our previous videos for more on that!

With your buds, try and create what is called a table – in other words, try and get all your buds to grow at the same distance from the light source at a sweet spot distance so they all grow to their maximum potential.

Supercropping is a great way to maximise yield and also to create a table-top effect by bending branches to ninety degrees, but not breaking them in half as you do so!

Remove male plants as early as you can spot them. While male plants are lousy for cannabis production, the pollen from them causes buds to start seeding, so unless you want seeds, get rid of them!

Don’t harvest your buds too early. They will increase substantially in size two or three weeks before harvest. Be patient!!!

Get yourself some good garden tools like rope ratchets, plant yo-yos, zip ties, twist ties, a thermometer and hygrometer with a probe or remote sensor.

Temperature and humidity are crucial for indoor plant growth, so make sure you get this right throughout all stages of the growth cycle, and remember if you create the perfect environment, you’re 75% of the way to growing perfect cannabis!

You could also do with getting a garden gnome. While this won’t directly help your plants grow, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them, and you’ll need someone to talk to as talking to plants is just plain daft!

Last, but not least, it’s vital you learn how to deal with problems, as the less you know at the onset, the greater the chances things will go wrong.

Make sure you check your plants religiously – by that we don’t just mean on Sundays – and learn to both spot potential problems and how to deal with them before a small problem becomes a catastrophe.

By all means share any of your own tried-and-tested tips in the comments section below, there are always new things to learn and sharing information is really appreciated by everyone.

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