How to Control the SMELL of Cannabis Plants!

How to Control the SMELL of Cannabis Plants!

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April 27, 2021
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How to Control the Smell of Your Cannabis Plants

When you first start growing your cannabis plants, all seems to be well where any tell-tale odours are concerned.

In fact, it is only once buds start appearing that those pesky terpenes begin to appear, terpenes being what gives cannabis its distinctive smell.

Once you have terpenes, you have potential problems and once those sticky trichomes begin to appear, your problems just multiplied 100 times, as trichomes are packed full of terpenes.

So, how do you eliminate the smell of cannabis? This becomes particularly important if the law is a little sketch around growing cannabis where you live.

One of the biggest problems is that cannabis plants require excellent ventilation to grow healthily.

Poor ventilation leads to mould and disease, two things you definitely don’t want on your plants or soil.

First off, contain the smell as much as you can, such as in a grow tent, so that any circulated air has to pass through an air vent before it enters the surrounding air and doesn’t escape through cracks and holes.

For that air vent, you want to install a carbon filter that will trap the terpenes. The same applies if you use a powered extractor vent.

Alternatively, you can use diffusers, air purifiers, gels, blocks and odour neutralisers. However, air purifiers aren’t as effective as carbon filters, so are better used as a safety net as opposed to the main means of reducing smells.

Odour neutralisers do just that, but they achieve results through having their own smell. Consequently, you don’t want these within the space you are growing the plants, or they may well absorb the neutralising smell. They can only be used outside a grow tent, for example.

The final option would be to grow companion plants, though cannabis plants have never known to need companionship.

Companion plants include chamomile, lavender and basil, which have their own distinctive smells which can mask the smell of cannabis.

Of course, you could always hand out clothes pegs to all your neighbours, but we’re sure you spotted the obvious flaw with that. You’d have nothing to hang your washing on the line with!

Let us know how you deal with smell in the comment section below!

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Title: How to Control the SMELL of Cannabis Plants!
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