Keep your Cannabis Fresh with these Rehydrating Methods!

Keep your Cannabis Fresh with these Rehydrating Methods!

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June 26, 2021
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Rehydrating your cannabis

If you roll your own cigarettes (we’re not endorsing smoking tobacco here) you’ll know what we mean when we talk about there being nothing worse than when your tobacco dries out.

It becomes harder to roll and breaks up into a fine bits that burn too fast and too hot.

You end up with a bad taste, smoke that burns your throat, and tiny bits of tobacco in your mouth that you then spend the next half hour trying to spit back out.

If your stash of cannabis gets too dry, however, all is not lost, as there are some useful tips here to help you rehydrate your stash and bring it back to life.

Rehydrating doesn’t mean steeping your cannabis in water – that will ruin your supply even quicker.

Rehydrating involves reintroducing sufficient moisture that your cannabis remains dry to the touch, but not bone dry, if you get what we mean.

Basically, it will burn nicely, at the right temperature, and doesn’t break up when you touch it.
So, what are the best ways to gently reintroduce moisture or, better still, stop it from drying out completely in the first place.

If you store your cannabis in a jar, why not include some stalks from the original plant – they’re full of moisture and dry out more slowly than the cannabis itself.

You can also buy silicone gel sachets – moisture packs – that help to maintain the relative humidity, and can be used in pouches and tins.

Either to rehydrate, or as a habit, you can include citrus peel, that can also infuse your weed with a subtle extra flavour.

You can do the same with bread and damp paper towel, and while some recommend lettuce and potato peel, we don’t as you can end up forgetting it is there and if they lose their moisture quickly, they’ll turn your stash into a smelly compost heap!

For an emergency rehydration, full a jar with boiling water and place a thin cloth over the top that still allows steam through it.

Drop your cannabis on the cloth and turn the cannabis over every five minutes. You need to do this two or three times over a half-hour period and your cannabis should be nicely rehydrated.

The important thing to remember is that if your cannabis dries out completely, it’s not the end of the day and just an opportunity to develop new skills!

By: The Cannabis Experts
Title: Keep your Cannabis Fresh with these Rehydrating Methods!
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