Mixing Cannabis to Create the Perfect Strain!

Mixing Cannabis to Create the Perfect Strain!

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January 6, 2021
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Why stress yourself out creating the perfect strain when you can mix your cannabis instead?

The Holy Grail for all domestic cannabis growers is to grow their own perfect strain of cannabis plant.

For some of you, a major THC high is the priority, for others the CBD content is the target.

That makes your choice of plant easy, as there are ones already in existence, such as XX for high THC and YY for CBD potency.

But what if you want both?

The world of cannabis plant classification is adapting to meet this change in demand.

Whereas we previously divided cannabis plants into cultivars – cultivated varieties – we are now beginning to class them as chemovars – chemical varieties.

Consequently, many growers have been trying to perfect the ‘double whammy’, the strain of cannabis that delivers on all fronts.

Why they are doing this isn’t so much from a commercial angle, but more the botanical challenge.
The curious thing about cannabis though is that there does tend to be two distinct schools – those of you why want the psychotropic high, who love getting stoned or who are looking for pain relief, while some others crave the ‘mental’ benefits of CBD, especially if the goal is to relieve stress or anxiety.

However, while there are many laws surrounding the cultivation and use of cannabis, there is no law which says that you cannot enjoy the dual benefits of high levels THC and CBD together.

So, what are we talking about in terms of mixing strains?

How about Royal Domina and Medical Mass?

If you want psychoactive potency, then look no further than Royal Domina with a 20% level.

You can then temper this with Medical Mass, which has a 10% CBD content.

The result?

A high that’s not quite out of control, mixed with the clear-headed effects of a hefty dose of CBD, enabling you to still function while being totally stoned.

Alternatively, what about a Sour Diesel and OG Kush mix?

Here you get bags of flavour and bags of THC.

While Sour Diesel is more a Sativa strain and OG Kush an Indica-heavy strain, the combination will result in hitting the ‘sweet spot’ time after time.

Fancy a snack before a nap?

Try mixing Cheese with Blue Mystic.

While Cheese gives you a terpenes-rich cheesy flavour in abundance, Blue Mystic will balance this with sweetness, sugars and fruitiness.

The result this time?

Get the pillows handy as you will just want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep after trying this cocktail…

By: The Cannabis Experts
Title: Mixing Cannabis to Create the Perfect Strain!
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