The 10 BEST Landrace Cannabis Strains!

The 10 BEST Landrace Cannabis Strains!

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August 7, 2021
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Top-10 landrace cannabis Plants

When you see the word ‘landrace’ some of you may be unsure of its true meaning.

Others of you may be scratching your head as the landrace is one of the most common breeds of pig found in the UK.

In the context of cannabis plants, the word landrace is used to describe a strain of cannabis whose genetic make-up remains relatively close to the very first cannabis plants.

As you know, cannabis plants can easily be cross bred, so with the passing of time, some of today’s more popular strains are a million miles away from those originally grown.

Sativa plants tend to have ‘grown up’ in more tropical regions, while the indica strain is more associated with the harsh climate of the Hindu Kush and other cold, mountainous regions.
So, now that you know the meaning of the word landrace, it’s time to move on to our top-ten landrace cannabis plants.

So, at number ten we have Maui Wowie and as the name suggests, these feminised seeds have their origins in the volcanic soil of Hawaii.

Purely by coincidence, when the hippies of the 1960s finally made it to Hawaii, this variety of landrace sativa cannabis plant was ready and waiting for them with wide-open arms.
With a 20% THC level, think in terms of euphoria and happiness

At number nine we have Mazar-I-Sharif, not to be confused with the film actor Omar Sharif!
This is an indica strain, with its origins in Afghansistan, and is renowned for its full-body high, with a heavier leaning towards sedative effects, making it great for creating great bubble hash.

At number eight we have Lamb’s Breath, or Lamb’s Bread, depending on where you come from.
However, tread carefully with this autoflowering beauty as it is capable of producing cannabis with a THC level reaching an eye-watering 25%.

At number seven we have the Acapulco Gold and this is one of the most famous landrace strains, being the driving force behind the popularity of cannabis in the USA between 1960 and 1980.
This is a popular daytime smoke, with the sativa strain grown from feminized seeds capable of delivering an uplifting THC level of between 20% and 24%.
Think energized, focused and super-creative…

At number six we have Durban Poison, poison being an unusual name for any ‘consumer product’ that doesn’t have the word ‘rat’ in front of it!
Once again, the clue to this landrace’s origins is in the name, with this sativa strain hailing from Durban in South Africa, a country not renowned for its cannabis production.

At number five we have the rare Indonesian sativa landrace strain of Aceh.
Where most sativa strains boost energy levels and are uplifting, Aceh is famous for its tsunamis of relaxed creativity.
Another huge plus point for Aceh is its low THC level at 10% to 15%, making it a great ‘entry level’ cannabis.
At number four we have Alien Technology from Afghanistan and boy is this a rockstar cannabis.
Relatively young in terms of distribution, this is thought to be a superior Afghan phenotype which remains original to its roots having been ‘smuggled’ out of Afghanistan by a US soldier and cultivated by a certain Obsoul33t.

At number three we have Hindu Kush, the name of the mountain range synonymous with top-quality cannabis.
This is a well-rounded cannabis with seeds usually available in regular or feminized form.
The words happy, relaxed, blissful, euphoria are all closely connected with Hindu Kush, as is the term pain relief.
This pant is also popular with those of you who lack growing space, as it is small and compact, with a robust temperament.

At number two we have, wait for it…
Thai, also known as Thai Stick gained its fame and notoriety during the Vietnam War, its origins being traced back to Thailand. While soldiers were enjoying a joint when on leave (or not!) as the war went on around them, other Americans were being introduced to Thai Stick back home, though how it made its way there in such quantity is a story for another day.
Thai Stick is probably one of the most famous of the sativa landrace strain, from which the equally well-known strains like Blueberry, Northern Lights and Trainwreck.
Thai Stick can have a wide range of THC content, making it great for those who want to have some say in the THC levels in their cannabis, ranging from 14% to 24%.

And so, have you guessed what is top of our list,

Surely you have spotted one strain that hasn’t been mentioned yet, and should have been?

Yes, that’s right,
Afghani, or Afghani Kush.

Pure, unadulterated cannabis as it used to be, from the best original indica around.
Still popular today as it has huge buds, yet does not take up a lot of space to grow and is very easy to look after – a great entry-level seed for great results.
This is a mellow burning, smooth and ‘hashy’ smoke that delivers a well-balanced combination of a narcotic body stone, mood-boosting euphoria and mental clarity.

By: The Cannabis Experts
Title: The 10 BEST Landrace Cannabis Strains!
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