The Top 5 Indoor Cannabis Plants for 2020

The Top 5 Indoor Cannabis Plants for 2020

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December 26, 2020
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5 Great Cannabis Plants for Indoor Growing in 2020!

When it comes to finding a good strain to grow indoors, it’s a bit like finding the Holy Grail

While we accept that it is illegal to grow cannabis plants in the UK, there are plenty of countries where it is legal, and it is from those growers’ experiences we have based our list.

Well, assuming Bob from Cambridge was Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Frank from Birmingham was Birmingham, Alabama.

We think Betty from Iceland was actually someone who was working at a local frozen food supermarket and who shouldn’t have been growing anything illegal!

We also based our results on a number of metrics, including resistance to pests and mold, sensitivity, yield, perceived medical benefits, and taste, which we considered to be five of the most important characteristics.

starting in fifth position we have Super Lemon Haze, which also appeared in our top-five best tasting cannabis strains.

Our reasoning is principally because of its high yield, and the fact that it thrives indoors. As discussed in a previous video it has a subtle taste and a pleasantly potent citrus aroma. What’s more, choose to go for the auto flowering variety, and this zesty little plant can be ready for harvest
in a little over 8 weeks, making this one a firm favorite amongst many enthusiasts.

In fourth place we have OG Kush, which we had identified as the very best of the OG strains.

So, why is it on this list as well?

Because it kills on the yield front when grown in restricted indoor spaces, as not everyone has a 20,000 square foot warehouse! THC content has consistently been measured between 20 and 25% making this no strain for the faint hearted!

Gelato makes it in to third place on our list, following on from an impressive first place in the most popular cannabis plant.

We like this “wake and bake” strain, one which is great for daytime motivation, and which is also popular for attributed medical benefits.

High resistance to mold and pests and relative lack of sensitivity (remember all cannabis plants are inherently sensitive, well the female ones are anyway!)

Moving swiftly on, in second place, and enjoying its first mention in any of our top-five lists, is MAC, also known as Miracle Alien Cookies.

We can’t help but feel that so many cannabis strains were named while people were heavily under the influence.

It earned its high place on this list as it is renowned for having great taste with notes of zesty orange, delivering bags of smoothness.

On the basis these plants thrive outdoors, bringing them indoors makes perfect sense and beyond abusing them mercilessly, it’s difficult to screw up the growing process.

And the one in first place is…

Purple Punch.

This is a great ‘all-rounder’ and though one of the strains more prone to bugs and mold, its popularity comes from a combination of the berry flavour and something we haven’t mentioned with the other strains, its perceived medical benefits, being popular with those looking for alleviation from the symptoms of stress, nausea, insomnia and appetite loss.

No Doubt you’ll have a strain or two you think should be on the list of best indoor strains, so let us know in the comments section below.

By: The Cannabis Experts
Title: The Top 5 Indoor Cannabis Plants for 2020
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