When & Why to Transplant your Cannabis Plant!

When & Why to Transplant your Cannabis Plant!

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January 10, 2021
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When to transplant your cannabis plants

The transplant of a cannabis plant is not as drastic as a heart or kidney transplant, though its results are just as effective.

Transplanting when using hydroponics as a growing method isn’t required, but it is if you are growing your cannabis plants in soil or coco.

Now some of you may wonder why you don’t just sow the seed in one large pot to save having to transplant it.

Well, for a start, not all seeds germinate, though if bought from a reputable seed merchant, most should.

Second, the medium used for seeds is different to that used in pots. Seeding compost is finer and has different nutrients in it which are more appropriate to seedlings.

Additionally, it Is easier to regulate the delivery of water and additional nutrients when using smaller pots.

It is once rapid root growth starts.

Healthy plants need extensive root growth, but if those roots are restricted within too small a pot, the plant will become what is called root bound.

The roots will form a circular ball as they look to expand throughout a restricted space, which makes the absorption of water and nutrients difficult.

A good sign that your plant may have become root bound is excessive thirst, i.e. the pot needs watering frequently.

There has to be a balance, as transplanting your cannabis plant is a stressful process, and we all know what stress does to us – the same applies to plants.

As a result, it has become good practice to transplant your cannabis plants two or three times during the growing process.

The timing of a transplant depends on a number of factors.

These include the size of the plant, so use the number of nodes as a guide.

If the plant is growing rapidly and it becomes obvious the pot is going to be too small, then time to transplant.

If the roots have begun to appear through the holes in the bottom of the plant pots, that means they are looking for more space, they are not just being curious.

If the growth of the plant seems to have stalled, or is not as rapid as you had anticipated, then once again the plant may not be getting sufficient nutrients from the soil and will need a bigger pot, excuse the pun.

Let us know about your experiences in the comment section below.

By: The Cannabis Experts
Title: When & Why to Transplant your Cannabis Plant!
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